The Surrounded Leader 2021 Top Five

New Year Review

What were the top 5 most read articles on the Surrounded Leader blog in 2021?

#5 Addicted To Trauma

Surrounded Leader #5

What is it about trauma that can have such a seductive pull? Can our bodies actually become addicted to trauma and its effect on us? Read more here.


#4 Building a Trauma-Informed Culture

Trauma Informed Culture

Building a trauma-informed culture does not require installing therapist couches throughout office buildings. A trauma-informed culture simply understands the potential impacts of past trauma and is equipped to navigate these workplace impacts. Read more here.


#3 The Surrounded Leader

The Leadership Marathon

When we attempt to develop as leaders by going it alone, we rarely achieve our potential. Read more here. 


#2 Unlikely Leadership Lessons

Unlikely Lessons

While leaders look to experts to guide their leadership development, lessons can also come from unlikely sources. Read more here.


#1 Trauma-Informed Leadership

Trauma Informed Leadership

We don’t all need to become clinical psychologists to lead our teams, but it is important to gain an understanding of the impacts of trauma exposure. Read more here.

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