12 Donuts Raising and VBB (Very Bad Bosses)

12 Donuts & VBB

Apparently, the “leadership skill” I’m most proud of puts me in the category of a VBB (Very Bad Boss). Jone Bosworth boldly states “bad bosses buy you donuts, not developmental opportunities.” I don’t know about you, but them’s fightin words where I’m from. After I recovered from the initial shock of Jone’s uncivilized attack on my beloved pastries, I evaluated my maple bacon bar approach to leadership.

Why was I bringing in donuts? Was this simply an appeasement attempt for my lack of leadership? Did I hope donuts would somehow sway the next engagement survey? Were donuts my way of apologizing for requiring a meeting that I knew was a complete waste of time?

Perhaps there is a more civilized approach. Continue to bring donuts, but never allow them to become a frustration pacifier or create blindspots for areas where our leadership is lacking. Value isn’t added through fleeting gestures but rather a focus on providing opportunities to develop those we lead. Thanks, Jone for that reminder.

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