9 Types-A-Mapping and Not-Like-Me-ism


Many challenges in society seem to be rooted in a belief I like to call not-like-me-ism. When we devalue others because they are different from us, conflict will inevitably ensue. Not-like-me-ism often creates tension when we evaluate the thinking and actions of others.

In a recent podcast, Carey Nieuwhof spoke with Beth and Jeff McCord on “using the Enneagram to diffuse tension and get the best from your leaders.” It was a great overview of the Enneagram and its effectiveness for leaders. I briefly considered summarizing the types, but I knew my simplistic understanding would frustrate the type 1s. (Wasn’t that said like a true type 9??) Take a look at the links in Carey’s show notes to gain a type 5 worthy understanding of the Enneagram.

“When you believe everyone thinks (or should think) the way you do, you lose an opportunity to gain another valuable perspective.” – Beth McCord

The Enneagram is one way to map the personality types of the 8 billion of us who share this planet. For many of us, it might be time to overcome our not-like-me-ism tendencies. It might be time to start to learn to value the differences of others. Exploring the Enneagram might be a good place to start.

Leaders add value when they understand and appreciate the differences they see in the personalities of others.

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