8 Slices Sharing and Productive Meetings

Productive Meetings

After narrowly surviving an assault on my maple bacon donut leadership style, I was a little hesitant to read an article mentioning pizza and productive meetings. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure I could handle another attack on my core values in one week.

Like most of us, Jeff Bezos is not a fan of unproductive meetings. He apparently avoids many meetings altogether. The meetings he does attend are constrained by a two-pizza rule. He won’t attend a meeting with more people than could be fed with two pizzas. A Standford research study seems to support his two-pizza rule. Their research showed the most productive meetings will have less than 8 people. Limiting our invite lists not only creates more productive meetings but also shows we value the time of others.

Leaders add value to those we lead when we intentionally take steps to maximize the productivity of meetings. Pizza, of course, is the key productivity ingredient. Just make sure we follow the two-pizza rule.


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